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About me

I am very pleased to welcome you to my personal home page.

Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Yvonne Timman and I am the owner

of the ianhoeve German Shepherd Kennel which is located in the middle of Holland.

In 1987 we bought our first German Shepherd - Oras van Geranja-who was a working line breed.

At the age of seven he died, and although at that time I did’t want to buy another dog,

within a few months we really missed not having one.

So we began searching for another German Shepherd and we found him at the Dan Alhedy’s Kennel.

There I bought Vasco, our first show dog and we had enormous succes with him at both exhibitions and club matches.

A few years later we bought Gorby and Nicky also from Dan Alhedy’s Hoeve Kennel. Gorby, like Vasco, has become very well-known and has achieved excellent results.

In 2000 Gorby and Vasco finished and 2e and 3e respectively at the Dutch German Shepherd Competition of the Year.

In 1999 we bought our bitch, Ziva, from the von Haus Hetok Kennel because our longer-term plan was to set up our own line.

In 2000 we had our first litter out of Quartz Dei Templari and we kept two of the pups for our self , Amaro and Axel , and they are both already successful.

To achieve all of this is not something that you manage on your own.

We have had a lot of support from my nephew Dennie who shows my dogs at events

Last but not least we would like to thank my mother for the outstanting support

she has provided in helping me reach where we are today.

I hope you will enjoy your visit to my site and please don't hesitate to add your comment and or remarks in my guestbook.

Kind regards,

Yvonne Timman